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  • services the Berne region
  • reacts promptly to customers' needs
  • works quickly and dependably
  • has a broad range of competences
  • speaks Swiss German, English, French
Business Hours
Daily by phone, text message or email

Cell phone 079 295 63 66

Postal Address
Luchliweg 9
3110 Münsingen

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Data Protection

Before I send a hard drive off to be recycled I destroy it. That way none of the customer's data can ever be accessed by the wrong people. Until a hard drive has been correctly disassembled and its disks either destroyed or refurbished, its data can be accessed.
Here you see an open hard drive that is being photographed with a cell phone. The hard drive contains three shiny round disks, the top one of which is visible. It's on these disks that data is stored.

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In this view you see the magnets (on the left) that stabilise the movements of the read/write heads (sitting in their white plastic guides). On the bottom right you see the controller that determines how the heads move. It's a little black block held in place by two screws.
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The disassembled drive. Data can still be read off the three disks, although doing so requires special equipment and a considerable amount of expensive work.
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If the disks are deformed, as they are here, it's impossible to read any data off of them. Not only are their surfaces too scratched up, but the discs themselves can no longer be centred with the required precision. Aside being recyclable metal they are worthless.
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Smaller hard drives such as those used in notebooks are built along the same lines as the larger ones.
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However, their disks are made of a glass-like material. Treat them to a tap with a hammer and they break into such tiny pieces that it's impossible to get any data off of them. The chips you see in the photo were two disks.

This grade of data protection is what I offer. For customers whose equipment I replace this is a free service.

Secondhand — Great for Office, Surfing, Emailing
Notebook HP ProBook 4535s
Monitor 15.6", 16X9, matt
Processor AMD A-3400M with Radeon HD Graphics
512 GB Samsung SSD
Windows 10 v. 1909 (total aktualisiert)
In excellent condition
Preis CHF 200.00

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