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Computer Recycling and Data Protection

Your data deserves protection

Your personal data is stored on your computer's hard drive or SSD so that it is not lost when the computer is switched off. When you hand in an "untreated" computer to be recycled, your data is available to the recycling team even after you have performed a normal deletion process. Documents, pictures, address books, etc. are very helpful for those involved in ‚Äč‚Äčidentity theft. Your pictures can also be used, for example on websites you know nothing about.

Trusting strangers is okay, but caution is much better.
Anyone who has a new computer set up by me can use my disposal service free of charge. This is how it works:
  • All useful parts of the old device are removed and stored for future emergencies.
  • The hard disks or SSDs are destroyed after all the desired data has been copied to the new device; this only destroys the disks or semiconductors.
  • All remaining parts of the old device are sent for recycling, where the extracted raw materials are sent to the appropriate production facilities. The rare earth metals obtained in this way help to curb the exploitation of child miners and the destruction of the landscape in large parts of the world.

For further information click on this link:

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